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Winter is such a festive season; a favorite time of the year for millions of people around the world. Between the cheerful togetherness of family and friends and all the wonderful sights and sounds of the season, it’s difficult to imagine missing a minute of it. Unfortunately, winter is also a time rife with lots of nasty germs and illnesses too. Protect yourself and your good times with these helpful essential oils this season!

#1. Citrus Oils

 Citrus varieties are well-documented as immune system boosters that can help you fight against illnesses. They are also great antimicrobials that can take care of airborne germs. Lemon oil is a popular option during the winter season due to its uplifting effects and antimicrobial properties. It’s also helpful for those of us trying to cut back on all the cakes and pies this year, as it’s known to suppress the craving for sugar.

#2. Black Spruce

Beyond being a very pleasant holiday scent, black spruce is prized for being a great supporter of respiratory function. It’s a must-have for the season, especially if you’re prone to catching colds this time of year. Black spruce is also high in esters that research has shown to reduce anxiety. It’s perfect for those of us who get a little extra nervous about large get-together.

#3. Lavender

 Speaking of less than jolly seasonal moods, lavender is often the top choice for emotional support aromatherapy. One of the best documented oils used to boost mood during stressful or depressing moods, lavender oil is also known to help with congestion from colds and allergies. It’s also known for being a skin soother, especially for dry skin.

#4. Peppermint

 This wholly holiday-friendly oil will be your best friend when winter fatigue tries to beat you down. Another super mood booster, peppermint oil alleviates many mental health symptoms and can increase your physical energy. It’s also a great support when you’re sick, helping to alleviate sinus related headaches and promote the drainage of nasal congestion.

#5. Oregano

 An overall germ-buster, oregano oil cleans the air of virtually everything that will try to make you sick with its strong antibacterial, anti fungal, and antimicrobial properties. Also considered a powerful anti-anxiety oil, many people use oregano oil aromatherapy to wind down after long and stressful days. It promotes feelings of calm, and is commonly used to aid sleep.

A Note On Mixing


Mixing oils to create luscious scented blends is a favorite option for many oil diffuser users. Once you discover the magic of making your own blends, the world of aromatherapy truly opens up. Use these in combination with your own favorite scents to clean the air and keep yourself in a good mood all winter long! Common winter blends using oils from our list include:

  • Improved Respiratory Function: Combine lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, melaleuca
  • Sleep: Combine orange, lavender, frankincense
  • Mood Boosting oils: orange, lavender, clary sage

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