Aroma Oil Diffusers represent the luxury category of the diffuser family in both price and quality.

The most powerful and therapeutic type of essential oil diffuser is the ultrasonic nebulizing oil diffuser. This type of diffuser uses a cold air pump and a jet-style atomizer to nebulize pure essential oil into a micro-fine vapor. The vapor that moves through the air is actual micro droplets of pure essential oil. This pure oil vapor is extremely powerful and therapeutic. Aroma Oil Nebulizing diffusers are the ultimate way to experience essential oils, and a high-quality nebulizing diffuser can provide a lifetime of dependable service.

These nebulizing organic essential oil diffusers were designed for serious practitioners of aromatherapy and home users alike. These units are all made of glass and sit vertically on a wood base. All of these units require a source of compressed air which is fed by a small compressor which sits inside the base of the unit. The advantages of these Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Cold Air Nebulizers are numerous. Firstly these aroma oil diffusers produce a very powerful and immediate aroma effect without heat or water. Secondly, their core component is made of glass which means they work very well, do not corrode when in contact with strong potentially corrosive essences and easy to clean. All units have good quality metal components and switches and provide built in timers with auto shutoff. Our units have elegant hand blown glass diffuser bottles and hand carved wood with the compressor motors housed inside the base. These units have motors and might be a little louder than other types of diffusers, but keeping them at low or medium will in no way disturb you. They are made of glass which, if handled improperly can break if dropped or twisted. These luxurious units are meant for individuals with a true passion for the art aroma diffusing.

Out of all five human senses, the sense of smell is the only one that is directly linked to our emotional control center within the brain. Scents are powerful and can be used to impact our emotions and our body’s physical response. Noses are able to detect scents when tiny molecules evaporate from an object and enter the nose. Essential oils evaporate at room temperature and its molecules come into the air quickly. When we inhale essential oils, the molecules that come through the nose send messages throughout the body. The body’s receptors then transfer the information to the brain, which affects our emotions, mood, and body.

Ultrasonic nebulizing diffusers and essential oils can offer a strong yet safe form of therapy when it comes to resetting emotions or relieving stress. These oils do not come with any dangerous side effects, unlike many modern day options. offers a wide array of high quality ultrasonic nebulizing diffusers online including a great therapeutic nebulizing essential oil diffuser, orbis lux eros oil diffuser and solum lux eros oil diffuser selection. It can be difficult to burn essential oils at home because it produces unwanted smoke, and the molecules are difficult to inhale which limits the effect. An aroma oil diffuser eliminates these downsides, uses less oil, and creates a longer lasting scent. One of the most powerful and therapeutic oil diffusers at is the cold ultrasonic nebulizing diffuser. This uses a cold air pump, and atomizer to create the organic essential oil into fine vapor. The vapor moves into the air offering unique and effective scents. All of the nebulizing diffusers on the website are high quality and can easily provide a lifetime of use.