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Whether you’re trying to keep creepy crawlies off of your skin, away from your deck, or out of your home, there are natural options that you can make at home, based on essential oils, that are effective against bugs and non-toxic to you and your pets.

My personal war is against spiders.

They creep me out so much!  Spiders make their homes in corners and crevices, and can sneak up on you in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and especially the basement.  Sure, they eat other bugs and keep smaller pests away, but that’s just not worth it to me.  To keep the spiders from coming into my home, I make a creeper spray.  I mix a base of water with peppermint essential oil and a few drops of dish soap.  The dish soap helps the oil to dissipate into the water evenly, making it more effective.  You have to make sure the smell is strong, since the stronger the smell is, the more spiders will be repelled by it.

As a bug repellent: Ants, beetles, cockroaches, mice, spiders all hate peppermint. I combine peppermint and lavender oil drops in my diffuser, make sure have a good combination of the oils while diffusing in your dwelling, not only does it smell nice but those little critters will stay away. This needs to be repeated every couple of weeks but it does do the trick.

Important: When trying to repel these unwanted guests, it is important to use sprays not only in those areas where they are seen, but also near their food source and of course their entry way.


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