Remote Control for Zenith Nebulizer

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Product Description

The Zenith Aroma Diffuser comes with a micro computer remote control which not only provides you with the flexibility to set the aroma concentration, atomization amount, running time and ON/OFF settings,  but  it also has a built in memory so you don’t need to re-adjust if you use the same settings . This makes it very convenient, efficient as well as cost effective. It’s atomization density function varies between 20% to 95%.  The remote control run time settings vary between 1-4 or 8-hour runtime.  With programmed timing, the diffuser will work intermittently and stop working according to your settings, saving energy and oil consumption.  You have complete control.


By default, the unit will run continuously, Adjust the settings according to the density desired



Resetting the remote control

Unplug the diffuser from power outlet

Press and hold for 10 seconds the 35% button while plugging back the  in outlet

the 2 lights will shine (Success)



Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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