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The delicious flavors of the season

We love this collection so much! All of these oils are certified organic. We thrive on quality and excellence and this collection is nothing less than that. If natural and viable is what you are looking for in an essential oil, you will fall in love with our Holiday Cheer Collection.

Spice up your holidays

We have put together the perfect aromas to help make your holiday season as serene, effervescent and as cheery as you intended. This assortment, when certain oils are blended together, can diffuse heavenly, savory and delightful scents that are perfect for welcoming your guests to your home during the holidays.

What is the collection made up of and what are their virtues?

Sweet orange:  This is one of the most popular scents of aromatherapy. You will love this one. Sweet orange is well appreciated for disinfecting so, you can be assured that your home will be guest ready and you won’t have to worry about germs spreading amongst your family and friends.

If, for some reason or another, the holidays put a little bit of stress on you and therefore, cause you to overeat a little bit, sweet orange oil will help with your digestion and will get rid of that unwanted stress.

Peppermint: This may just be one of the most versatile oils next to cinnamon leaf oil of course. If your body is aching because you have worked so hard getting ready for your dinner party or even if you feel as though your energy level is a little low, peppermint oil can help relieve all those symptoms. When applied to the sore area, this oil will give your body a cooling and calming effect.  All you’ll need to do is just sit back and relax a little before your guests arrive.

Frankincense: If you like the scent of incense, you will absolutely love this oil. It is mostly used to help the natural healing process of the body. If you are feeling a little under the weather, a few drops of Frankincense can help you heal faster and will help you rebuild your immune system.

Cedarwood: This oil can be a substitute to Frankincense depending on what you would like to use it for. You may find it interesting to know that the cedar tree is mentioned many times in the Bible and this is the reason for it being well known as a symbol of wisdom and protection. Many aromatherapy lovers use it on Christmas day as a form of showing their gratitude and appreciation for their abundance.

Clove bud: The most popular of aromatherapy is definitely the clove bud oil. During the time of ancient Greeks and Romans, when dentists didn’t exist, the clove bud was used to calm toothaches and to fight bad breath.  This oil is excellent in dispelling unwanted odors.

This most popular oil is also often used as an antiseptic, as a perfume ingredient and as a benefit for the digestive system. It’s basically an ‘’all-inclusive’’ oil as we like to call it.

Cinnamon leaf: As mentioned previously, Cinnamon leaf oil is an all-purpose oil. Not only do we use cinnamon extract in most of our desserts that we make to put on our Christmas day dinner table, but it is also used in many other delicious holiday recipes such as sauces and meats.

However, cinnamon oil is most enjoyed and appreciated when it’s blended with other oils such as Clove bud and sweet orange. (See holiday diffuser blends here)

 This seasonal essential oil collection is sure to help make your cold season a healthier one.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 1 in
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10 ml, 30 ml


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