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The Sensuous Collection




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The Sensuous Collection is a collection of essential oils sure to kindle flames in your special loved one!  

This kit is a great introduction into the art, of learning about essential oils and their mood enhancing effects.

A wonderful way to have some heart friendly and mood enhancing benefits is through the healing power of smell. The use of aromatherapy essential oils can enhance almost any mood. A person’s sense of smell is tied to the area of emotion and memory in the brain; consequently, a pleasing scent can recreate wonderful feelings associated with a pleasurable experience. Spicy scents can make an individual feel energized, while light floral scents can put you in a sensual and relaxed mood. Aroma Oil Diffusers certified essential Oils can be placed in any diffusers to create a seductive atmosphere in the room, or to perform a sensuous aromatherapy massage is probably the most enjoyable way for you and your partner to enjoy the seductive power of odors because of the sensuality of touch. And you don’t need to do a full body massage either, because a back massage can be just as seductive, or if you prefer, try a neck and shoulder massage. If this sounds like too much, a creative mix of essential oils in a nice warm bubble bath can work just as well. Whatever turns you on!

It’s easy to start introducing aroma into your romance routine. For example, you can add eight drops of Frankincense & Lavender into your bath so you and a loved one can share a relaxing and sensual soak.

Alternatively, fill your bedroom with the soothing scent of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium using your aroma diffuser. Preparing this a few minutes before getting ready for bed, so the room is well-scented by the time you slip under the sheets

 There are hundreds of scents used in the practice of aromatherapy. Here are a few essential oils known to produce positive results in love and intimate relations:

The Sensuous Collection consists of:

These oils are certified organic. Some of the oils are wild-crafted which means that the crops grow naturally in the wild and are harvested by hand

Frankincense: A woody aroma that provides feelings of warmth when used in a massage, and is known to increase endurance. Many brides of South Asia use this oil in creams on their wedding day.

Geranium: Sophisticated, fresh floral similar to a rose, but not quite so heavy. Geranium is said to have psychologically balancing effects.

Ylang Ylang: A very powerful scent, originally from China, which can be very enticing when mixed with other oils such as clary sage or geranium. Its floral and exotic odour can enhance stimulation.

Bergamot: A sweet and spicy aroma that produces intense refreshing effects.

Cedarwood: An intensely woody aroma that has soothing and strengthening properties that promotes inner strength and confidence.

Clary Sage: A nutty, heady scent that is said to have warming effects on the body and encourages creativity and vitality.

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