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You may be familiar with the flavor and aroma of Lemongrass from some of your favorite Asian dishes.  This easy to grow herb has quite a bit of healing potential that is concentrated in the potent essential oil that is made from it.

Lemongrass essential oil is wonderful pain reliever.  It does this by helping to reduce inflammation from joint and muscle stress, as well as the pain from things like headaches and toothaches.  For this application, dilute the Lemongrass with a carrier oil such as Coconut oil, and apply to the affected area.  You’ll quickly feel your muscles unwinding.  Try it as an addition to your massage oil.  Ladies, this is especially helpful with your cramps, though this is not advised for mothers-to-be.  It can stimulate your monthly flow, which is great for those needing better hormonal regulation, but not so great if you’re expecting a little one.

Since this oil is so relaxing, it makes sense that it can help you get a better night’s sleep.  You can reduce anxiety and insomnia with Lemongrass.  It’s an effective fever reducer, so turn to this oil the next time you have the flu or other infections to keep your body temperature more regulated.  In addition, Lemongrass can directly give a boost to the immune system, so you can have an easier time fighting off what ails you.  It doesn’t harshly stimulate it; instead, Lemongrass acts like a tonic, supporting your immune system just as much as it needs to get you healthy.  Leave this in your diffuser near your bed, and when you wake up you’ll notice a dramatic reduction in your symptoms.  You’ll also notice you’re more energetic, since the quality of your sleep will be improved.

If you suffer from digestive troubles, you’ll definitely want to add this oil to your cabinet.  The reason it’s so prevalent in Chinese and Thai cooking is that it helps to detoxify your whole digestive system and heal your tissues.  Many people have reported great success in healing ulcers and other bowel issues.  It increases urination, so make sure to drink extra water.  It can help with bacterial and fungal infections, and act as an anti-inflammatory, making it ideal if you’re suffering with candida overgrowth or if you tend to have bloating and abdominal pain.

Since it’s nearing mosquito season, you should know that Lemongrass can be added to a spray bottle and used as a non-toxic insect repellant!  The bugs won’t bug you, and you’ll smell fresh all day.  Speaking of smelling fresh, Lemongrass can be added to a DIY deodorant recipe.  It’s just as effective, if not more so, that the chemical types you see in the stores, and you can feel safe using it, since it’s completely non-toxic.

Lemongrass essential oil is a great choice for the spring and summer.  It has cooling, refreshing properties that are a great addition to the summer months.  It isn’t floral or sweet, just a light lemony scent.

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