Consideration when using these diffusers:

Click Here to view the download version  Instructions manual for the Zenith Aroma Diffusers


The Wood and Glass Diffuser is very simple to use, but it does require some care. Below are instructions on how to use and maintain your  Aroma diffuser.

 Remove all the components in the product box including the wood base, glass diffuser bottle, glass cap and power supply.

Twisting back and forth, push the glass diffuser bottle into the rubber hole on the top of the wood base. Be careful not to twist the bottle in one direction as this could twist the inner air tube and choke off the air supply.

Plug in your aroma diffuser into any 110v to 240 AC wall socket. Note that if the power plug on the wood base sometimes needs and extra push to plug in all the way.

Adding oil:

Carefully drop in between 10 and 25 drops of oil into the glass bottle. Be sure not to overfill the bottle. If oil is filled past the top of the small glass tubes at the bottom of the bottle oil will leak into the air tube and down into the motor. Essential oil will destroy the internal motor.

Running your diffuser:

Turn the power knob clockwise one click to turn the unit on. Turning the knob clockwise increase the flow of vapor and counterclockwise to reduce the flow. According to the oil added to your diffuser 15 to 20 drops will last you 1 to 4 hours. 25 to 40 drops will  last between 5 and 8 hours depending on the power level. the 12-hour units will require 40 +drops.

Timer units:

Your Unit comes with an internal timer, the unit will turn on for 10 min and off for either 10 or 1-4-8 hours depending on which timer you purchased. We also carry the 12 Hour Continuous

How to Maintain your Diffuser

General Care:

You’d Diffuser is designed to last many years if properly maintained. Occasionally you should clean both the base and glass parts with rubbing alcohol to remove oil residue.

Cleaning the bottle and cap:

To clean the bottle, gently remove it from the wood base by twisting the bottle back and forth. Place the bottle and cap in a coffee mug or drinking glass and pour rubbing alcohol into the bottle past the top of the glass tubes. Rubbing alcohol will flow through the tubes and clean them.

Feel free to hold the bottle with alcohol in it, in your hands, covering the top and bottom with your palms and shake to speed up the cleaning process.

Use excess rubbing alcohol to swab the outside of the bottle and wood base to remove any residue.

Do not use soap and water to clean your bottle as it will leave water marks inside your bottle that are very difficult to remove..

Soak your bottle overnight( Ethanol) if your diffuser seems to have reduced vapor output.

Feel free to diffuse 5 to 10 drops of rubbing alcohol  to clear out remaining oil if you plan to switch oils and don’t want them to mix or plan to leave the unit off for many days.