Zenith Aroma Diffuser Instruction Manual


  Welcome to the world of Zenith Aroma Diffuser. In a simple few steps you will be able to enjoy the ambiance you  are looking for.

  Through the advanced technology of cold air Atomization, your sleek, elegant and discreet diffuser is the perfect complement for your home or office.

  Please follow the following tips, safety guidelines and maintenance to get the most out of the Zenith experience.

  This package contains

  • Zenith Aroma Diffuser
  • Remote Control
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Empty Bottle
  • Spare Nozzle


Setting up your diffuser

  • Open your diffuser by turning upper part of the device in a counterclockwise motion, while holding the bottom half
  • Add your oils selection to be diffused in empty bottle provided
  • Screw the bottle counterclockwise in the diffuser (rotate to fix, making sure bottle is straight and tight)
  • The oil bottle must be attached to diffuser before programming the timer.

Installation diagram Zenith Aroma Oil Diffusers

    Connect the power adapter

The indicator Lights

Indicator lights on Zenith Diffuser

    Blue Led light – indicates the device is powered on

    Green Led Light indicates the scent is being diffused

Remote Control Functions


The remote control provides you with the flexibility to set the aroma concentration, atomization amount, running time and ON/OFF setting.

    • When the machine is ON, press AROMA to adjust the atomization amount.
    • Press Density + or Density – to adjust the aroma required . Each time you press【+】you add a level of intensity.
    • OR
    • Fast Track directly to 20%–  35%–  50%– 65%–80%–95%
  • According to density entered, the unit will diffuse intermittently.

To adjust the running time options  press –1-4 or 8 hours . By default, the unit will run continuously, Adjust the settings per the density desired. When you leave for an extended period ( Holidays) please unplug your unit, to ensure it does not run dry and damage the motor.

Remember you wish to enjoy and get the benefits from the scent. Less is sometimes better. This is a powerful machine.

I have found mine to be most cost effective  in the 8 hour time frame at 35% density

Resetting the remote control

   Unplug the diffuser from power outlet

   Press and hold for 10 seconds the 35% button while turning the power back on

   the 2 lights will shine (Success)


Getting the most out of your Unit

   The Zenith Aroma Diffuser should always be used in upright position. Tilting it while oil bottle is attached may cause damage to the device and  parts.

   Place the unit on its own away from windows and air vents so the scent can circulate freely.

   The Zenith should be cleaned regularly to promote optimal performance. (Every 2 months recommended). To clean the unit, fill the empty oil bottle  with rubbing alcohol or ethanol 20 ml and attach to diffuser, run the unit for 10-15 minutes to ensure the alcohol filters through the whole device.    Turn off machine and pour away the alcohol.

   Clean the exterior with a damp cloth to remove oil stains and fingerprints. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaning products.

   Do not add water to essential oil and do not keep the device close to water or outdoors. Do not run the diffuser on empty. If you need to change the  oil or add oil, then please cut down the power supply


   This unit comes with a limited 12-month warranty.

   Only use 100% pure essential oils. No Carriers, No absolutes (too Thick) When using thicker oils ( Patchouli or Sandalwood), please dilute with a thinner oil ( Lavender)

   Aroma Oil diffusers oil collections are a perfect complement to the Zenith diffuser and highly recommended.

   Damage caused by improper maintenance will not be acceptable under warranty, but spare parts are available,

   Please contact us at: https://aromaoildiffusers.com/contact/

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  Click here to view PDF file: Zenith user manual